Continuous Improvement and constant search for perfection 

What we do

Meccanica Italia offers a complete range of mechanical machining, that is able to meet different market's need.

Example of these markets are: 

  • Automotive

  • Oleodynamic

  • Electrical equipment

  • Aerospace

We can guarantee maximum flexibility in terms of production capacity and logistics optimisation by covering the entire supply chain, from raw material processing to product assembly, with a series of selected mechanical companies in Italy.  

How we do it

Each company of the Meccanica Italia group is specialized in a specific production sector, in order to guarantee a complete, transversal and integrable coverage of mechanical processing.


Thanks to our team of experts, we select and certify suppliers, supporting them in maintaining international quality standards and ensuring their level of efficiency through continuous improvement.

Why we do it?

We believe in the technical competence and professionalism of small and medium mechanical companies.

We want to help them to interface with wider markets, enhancing their production potential and bringing collaboration and value.

Partner WTCO

Meccanica Italia is a partner of WTCO, a company with which we share the values of concreteness, coherence, sustainability, development and improvement of businesses.

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