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Il Team

We support you through a full range of services

Areas of expertise

  • Current customer management
  • Upselling assessment and development for group companies
  • Development, training and management of the sales network in establishing customer relations, negotiations and sales agreements
  • Strategic planning in relation to new product lines and services
  • Setting realistic and achievable weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual targets
  • Search for new customers and identification of sales opportunities across all digital and physical channels
  • Approval of sales plans and budgets
  • Company representation at trade fairs and other events
  • Market analysis – customer and competitor trends
  • Public relations management and development, and participation in membership activities
  • Analysis, identification and creation of lines to approach current and potential markets
  • Definition and implementation of long- or short-term marketing strategies and promotional campaigns
  • Identification and management of marketing budgets
  • Creation of content to promote the brand, and improve and strengthen the brand position
  • Development of strategic relationships and partnerships with agencies and suppliers
  • Definition of organisational culture for internal and external purposes
  • Development of action plans, together with team leaders, to find solutions to the most common personnel management issues
  • Provision of operational solutions for managing attendance, long-term absences, disciplinary measures, and low performance issues
  • Supervision of employee services and personnel search and selection activities, including with the aid of recruitment agencies
  • Skills mapping and improvement of human resource performance
  • Development, improvement, supervision and review of tactical and operational plans, procedures and systems, in accordance with the organisation’s targets, policies, budgets and deadlines
  • Supervision of accounting related to financial and capital transactions to ensure that it is managed in accordance with current legislation, and supervision of financial statement preparation
  • Analysis of discrepancies between planning and results, identifying the key factors and causes, suggesting improvements in company management and the medium-term strategy
  • Development of framework agreements with credit institutions
  • Group purchasing analysis
  • Definition of specifications for products to be purchased and negotiation of the procurement budget
  • Identification of purchasing incentives based on economies of scale
  • Management of relationships with current suppliers
  • Search and selection of new suppliers
  • Development of framework agreements
The Mechanical Department

  • 13 MONTHS OF ACTUAL ACTIVITY: 7 months free part-time course + 6 months paid full-time work experience in a company
  • 840 HOURS OF WORKSHOP ACTIVITY: practical lessons on the latest generation machinery with expert technicians
  • 24 WEEKS OF WORK EXPERIENCE: paid work experience in one of the companies supporting the master

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